Friday, November 17, 2006

$1000 Denim

This is a good week for post. I just got a Christmas present from my good friend Philip from Indigo Farm in Hong Kong. Indigo Farm is a company that specialize in very high level denim manufacturing, fabric development and innovative processes. The denim is hand woven and dyed from organically grown natural indigo from Japan. Known as "AWA Indigo" or Plantation Denim in its raw/unwashed state. You can see the Awa - ai calendar that I got with it. Its translated from Japanese so its a bit Japenglish. The process is very labour intensive and methodical. Only the Japanese would be able to pull this off. This jean is unique as nobody else would really develop such a specialized fabric. From what I understand there are only about 20 pairs in the world and the ones in the shops work out at $1000! For the denim connoisseur its porn! Thanks Philip !!

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